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Trade Up

Kids' Bike Program

When it comes to kids bikes, fit and safety are more important than ever. With an improper fit, children are at risk to lose control. Low quality bikes are simply not designed to stand up to the wear and tear kids put them through, resulting in an unpredictable and dangerous ride (just think if the brakes on your car worked "Okay, some of the time").  So how do you keep kids on the right bike without breaking the bank?

Trade up kids' bike program

Purchase any new kids' bike from our store (size 12” through 24"), and you can trade it up later to a larger size! Simply bring it back to our store within 3 years and we will give you up to 50%* of what you paid as a credit towards their next bike!

Coming to a Trek for the first time? No problem! To help get you started, bring in ANY branded kids' bike (size 12” - 24") in working condition** and get 10% off any new Trek kids' bike purchase. Your old bike will be reconditioned and donated, so you can feel good about helping underprivileged children get riding all while enjoying the savings!

Dialed fit specific design, kids bike sizing

* New bike purchase must be towards a larger size, can not trade "down" or replace the same size. Original receipt is required. All Trade Up bikes will be subject to an inspection which will determine any necessary repairs and the 50% Trade Up credit will be adjusted accordingly, bikes must also be cosmetically appealing and rust free. Only bikes purchased from the Harley's Bicycles are eligible to participate in the Trade Up program. Juvenile bikes, sizes 12" - 24" are eligible. Sorry, Trek Trikesters, MOD's, and all BMX bikes are not included in the Trade Up program. All original accessories must be included (or replaced) prior to Trade Up.

Kids and bikes

** Working Condition is described as: A safe and functioning bicycle where as tires have no less then 50% of tread remaining and tubes must hold air; overall bike is cosmetically appealing and rust free; no stripped nuts, bolts, or allen keys; brakes and pads stop bike adequately; drivetrain components are in working order; wheels are true and spokes are in good condition. All non-Trek branded bikes wishing to be used in the Trade Up program are subject to an inspection verifying that the bicycle meets these requirements.

We reserve the right to refuse any bike we feel has been modified or damaged, mechanically or cosmetically, in such a way that it is no longer fit to ride.