Company Background

About Harley's

Hutchinson, Kansas is the home of one of the oldest and most well-known bicycle stores in the state.  Harley's Bicycles at 629 North Main Street was established in 1922 and has been serving the bicycle community of Hutchinson and surrounding areas ever since.


Harley's Bicycles is a full-service specialty retailer with the main focus being on family and recreational cycling.  Even with those focuses, Harley's also contains a pro side to their business.  From high-tech road to all-terrain full suspensions, we keep most models in stock.


Harley's Bicycles

Harley's Bicycles is headquartered at 629 North Main, Hutchinson, KS.  Harley's is proud to carry the Full Line of bicycles from  Trek, Giant, and Electra,  We also carry speciality bikes from, Sun, Surly, and Terra Trike.