Added Value Package On All New Bikes

In addition to our LIFETIME factory frame warranty, we offer our Three Point added value program at no additional charge.

15-30 Day Free Service Check

15-30 Day Free Service & Check Over

If possible plan on leaving the bike with us for three to four hours for this free complete check over.

45-90 day free adjustment and check over

45-90 Day FREE Service & Check Over

At this time we will check all adjustments, make any necessary corrections and this $80 service is at no charge. If possible plan on leaving the bike with us for four to six hours.

Unlimited Safety Checks

Also included are unlimited safety checks at no cost. Anytime you have questions about your new bike please stop in.

Our goal at Harley's is to provide you with the best possible product- and we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

Fast 48 Hour Service

We know your bike is your soul mate! Don’t suffer from separation anxiety! Bring your bike in for service and we’ll get the two of you back together so fast you’ll wish you had more time apart!

Fast 2-Day Service Turnaround Guarantee

Our Fast 2-Day Service Turnaround Guarantee is simple. Just bring your bike in for service and we’ll start the clock!   We will have your bike finished within 2 business days. Give us your cell number so we can send you a text message when your bike is ready.   We make service appointments too…Just call ahead and you can schedule your service in advance.
Not in a hurry…thats ok. It's your choice.

*Guarantee assumes all parts needed are in stock when the bike is dropped off. If we have to order parts, clock starts as soon as we have the parts.   Business days are considered Monday-Friday and exclude holidays.

Kids Bike Trade Up Program
Kids bike sizing
When it comes to kids bikes, fit and safety are more important than ever. With an improper fit, children are at risk to lose control.  Low quality bikes are simply not designed to stand up to the wear and tear kids put them through, resulting in an unpredictable and dangerous ride (just think if the brakes on your car worked "Okay, some of the time").  So how do you keep kids on the right bike without breaking the bank?

Coming to a Trek for the first time? No problem! To help get you started, bring in ANY branded kids bike (size 12” - 24") in working condition** and get 10% off any new Trek kids bike purchase. Your old bike will be reconditioned and donated, so you can feel good about helping underprivileged children get riding all while enjoying the savings!
* New bike purchase must be towards a larger size, can not trade "down" or replace the same size. All Trade Up bikes will be subject to an inspection which will determine any necessary repairs and credit will be adjusted accordingly, bikes must also be cosmetically appealing and rust free. Only bikes purchased from the Harley's Bicycles are eligible to participate in the Trade Up program. Juvenile bikes, sizes 12" - 24" are eligible. Sorry, Trek Trikesters, MOD's, and all BMX bikes are not included in the Trade Up program. All original accessories must be included (or replaced) prior to Trade Up.

** Working Condition is described as: A safe and functioning bicycle where as tires have no less then 50% of tread remaining and tubes must hold air; overall bike is cosmetically appealing and rust free; no stripped nuts, bolts, or allen keys; brakes and pads stop bike adequately; drivetrain components are in working order; wheels are true and spokes are in good condition. All non-Trek branded bikes wishing to be used in the Trade Up program are subject to an inspection verifying that the bicycle meets these requirements.

We reserve the right to refuse any bike we feel has been modified or damaged, mechanically or cosmetically, in such a way that it is no longer fit to ride.

Comfort Guarantee On Accessories

When you shop with Harley's Bicycles know that we want our customers to be satisfied. This 30-day window allows you to truly evaluate the product in real world conditions to determine if the product is really right for you. If it didn’t meet your expectations, just bring it back and we will find the right product for you. Items purchased may be exchanged for a different product and any price difference will be applied to a gift card.
Bicycles and wheels: Simply not comfortable on your new bike? Let’s schedule you for a “re-fit” and we can discuss the best course to getting you comfortable and riding pain free. Maybe it’s a different bike that is better for you.  We will gladly exchange for a different bike.  Any price difference will be applied to a gift card.  Our 30 Day Guarantee is not intended to be a rental program. We do have rental bikes and wheels.
Bontrager Clothing, Parts and Accessories: Bontrager makes some of the best aftermarket products including helmets, shoes, seats, tires, and clothing. Purchase any of these and know we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase if not satisfied within 30 days of the date of purchase. The only exception is original equipment that is included as part of the bike specification.
Any Other Harley's Products: Purchase any of these and know we will gladly exchange your purchase if not satisfied within 30 days of purchase. Just bring it in and we can find the right product for you. *We reserve the right to decline excessively used or abused returns.

Life Time Frame Warranty 

Harley's Bicycles gives the original retail purchaser of nearly all bikes a lifetime warranty on the frame. This warranty is against factory defects, not accidents or stupidity (misuse, abuse or neglect). However, if you damage your bike frame by trying to do a somersault off the roof of your house (obviously not a factory defect), Trek has the Trek Care Loyalty Program that will help you replace a non-warranty damaged bike frame at a discount.